Timothy Project

The Timothy Project is intended to transition young men into roles of communal participation, spiritual growth, and leadership development. This fellowship includes group discussions and personal dialogue as a means of establishing working relationships among the young men as well as with the elder male members. The program also includes a series of mentoring workshops and supervised trips, with the goal of bridging the generation gap and providing additional guidance for our young men. The Timothy Project responds to the lack of available programs that meet the needs of young men of color specifically to support workforce development and decrease youth crime in our community.

It is the mission of The Timothy Project to provide strong leadership, activism, committed volunteers, positive role models, and a network of mentors that will be available to our members on their life journey.

Deborah’s Academy

A fellowship established to introduce young women to their current and future roles in the community. It functions as a series of mentoring workshops, supervised field trips, and interactive conversations with the goals of building Social Emotional health, a strong sense of being, by bridging the generation gap and providing guidance and support to young women.

Our Mission To provide strong leadership, advocacy, committed volunteers, positive role models, and a network of mentors that will be available to the young women on their continuing life journey.

Topics in Leadership Development include:
1. Self-Definition
2. Self-Awareness
3. Public Speaking
4. Leadership Styles
5. Goal Setting
6. Educational Enrichment Study Tips/Habits
7. College Readiness
8. Career Readiness
9. Topics in Personal Awareness
10. Self-Health – Sexual Health
11. Financial Health
12. Familial Responsibility
13. Civic Responsibility

Norwalk Immigration Coalition

Norwalk Immigration Coalition is a coalition of local service organizations, community groups, activists, residents, and government officials in order to solve problems for immigrants in our community.

Our vision is to improve the lives of immigrants in the Greater Norwalk Area, regardless of documentation status.

Immigrant Support Services

Initiated through work from providing case management for Rental Assistance Support through a grant received through Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants. We began to recognize how much support our immigrant residents needed to navigate the governmental systems of the city and state successfully. We began to provide support to complete other applications, for housing, for jobs, for benefits, for the children’s school.
El Camino will provide:
I. Case management

II. Family dinners for resourcing and networking, deepen                    community services relationships

III. Spanish Translation support